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Will life ever be the same, even after we’ve all returned to work? Here at Email Mum, we believe that this pandemic will change the way people think about how we interact with others, and how things we took for granted before can have an adverse effect on those around us. There will be questions…
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June 27, 2020 0

We are now SafeContractor Accredited 

We are proud to announce that we have achieved Alcumus SafeContractor Health and Safety Accreditation. What is health and safety accreditation? A Health and safety accreditation allows businesses to show that their health and safety documentation is up to date and meets recognised industry standards. About Alcumus SafeContractor SafeContractor delivers a tailored health and safety accreditation to business so that they…
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June 19, 2020 0

Open for Business

  We are glad to announce that Email Mum has reopened for business, however the threat of COVID-19 is still very real, and as such we have put together Preventative Safety Measures, that keep Email Mum Up to date with the very latest guidelines, please read the Preventative Safety Measures below:   PREVENTATIVE SAFETY MEASURES…
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June 5, 2020 0


Why are we so proud here at Email Mum of our housekeeping team, and the benefits our service provides for both the cleaners themselves and the clients they deliver this service to? Let’s take a closer look: What benefits are there for the employed cleaners/housekeepers? The Email Mum model is centred around our core asset,…
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May 7, 2020 0

Why Email Mum

Email Mum was an idea born of one person Wendy Woolfe, who saw that the overall attitude to cleaners and cleaning as a job had created an ever descending circle. Cleaning was seen as a bottom line job by the people employing them as well as the cleaners themselves. The idea was simple really. To…
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April 29, 2020 0


So we find ourselves living in unprecedented times where some workers have found themselves left out in the cold. No wages coming in and no idea what to do about it! We are proud, therefore, that at Email Mum we’ve built a business model that allowed us to give our employees some protection and to…
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April 24, 2020 0

Housekeepers in Popular Culture – Part Three

The housekeeper has always been a popular figure in literature, film and television since the age of the Gothic suspense novel back in the eighteenth century. Housekeepers play a vital role in the fictional household, many acting as confidante, surrogate parent and general pendulum that keeps the home successfully ticking over, much like our Email…
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April 14, 2020 0

Housekeepers in Popular Culture – Part Two

  Whether portrayed as a maternal figure or the quiet menace in the Gothic novels of the Victorian age, the housekeeper is always an efficient, reliable and confidential character, rather like our Email Mum housekeepers of today! The housekeeper had featured in key roles in novels since the eighteenth century, and would continue to play…
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April 9, 2020 0

Housekeepers in Popular Culture – Part One

  Just like the stoic, efficient butler or gentleman’s valet, the housekeeper has her special place in popular culture. But unlike her male counterpart, her image has shifted a little through the ages, due to the impact of certain literature or TV characters of the times. From the no-nonsense Mrs Medlock to the terrifying Mrs…
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April 6, 2020 0

Saffron Walden

Email Mum are proud that we are now able to offer a range of domestic services to the people of Saffron Walden.

April 7, 2019 0