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Introduction to Justified Disinfection.

January 7, 2021 COVID-19 Health and Safety Useful Articles 0

The outbreak of Covid 19 has led to more intense disinfection as we double our efforts to stay safe. This is understandable and it seems the right thing to do. There are images everywhere of teams in protective suits looking like something out of the latest sci-fi disaster movie spraying disinfectant everywhere in a bid to kill the virus.

The process of disinfection aims to minimize the number of microorganisms on a surface. If correctly applied disinfection can bring benefits in terms of individual and community protection by reducing the risk of transmission of microbial diseases. However, there is a growing awareness of the risks associated with the overuse of disinfectants. For example, certain disinfectants and incorrect use of them can produce gases that are severely toxic (for example mixing bleach with ammonia which leads to the formation of chloramine compounds) (Kang, Lauf & Jordan, 2019).

So what is Justified Disinfection? Justified disinfection recognises the importance of the correct and controlled application of disinfectant and sets out guidelines that will, if pursued, lead to a more responsible use of disinfectants that will have benefits to our society and the planet.

Over the next few posts we will examine best practices of justified disinfection and the important role that barrier protection can play