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Why are we so proud here at Email Mum of our housekeeping team, and the benefits our service provides for both the cleaners themselves and the clients they deliver this service to? Let’s take a closer look:

What benefits are there for the employed cleaners/housekeepers?

The Email Mum model is centred around our core asset, the cleaner. What we wanted to do was to empower the cleaner to take the responsibility to be a good and conscientious worker who went the extra mile to deliver a very high standard of service, and take pride in that service delivery and the personalised touch at its heart. So we ensured that every housekeeper is respected and protected with a proper employee contract, including provision of holiday and sick pay, as well as extra expenses (and now pension provision). Many of our cleaners have family and limited hours in which to work, so we organise cleaning hours as much as possible around each individual cleaner’s lifestyle and commitments. One of the biggest things we wanted our employees to feel was a sense of being part of something different, something more than the norm, something that was built on fundamental values of being a morally correct company putting people before profit (this has proven to be an extremely fine balancing act that takes time, dedication and a lot of energy, but it works).

What benefits are there for the clients?

A client of Email Mum has the best of both worlds, because we assign an individual housekeeper to a property/client and to the best of our abilities, make sure that she/he stays with them. This exclusivity and regularity allows the cleaner to build a special
relationship with their client, getting to know just how they like (or dislike) things to be done, and delivering this personalised service each time they visit. We understand that our clients are putting a lot of trust in Email Mum and our cleaners by inviting us into their homes, often without them being there. So we offer a fully comprehensive insurance protection package for both clients and staff, including a very rare negligent damage cover. Your home – and your housekeeper – are fully protected when we visit. As a business, we are transparent in all our dealings. There are no hidden costs, management fees or lengthy cancellation fees in our service. Above all, our clients have the comfort and knowledge that they are dealing with a company who goes the extra mile to provide a bespoke, quality and trustworthy service, with fully trained and supported employees who understand the company’s ethos and aims, and are properly employed and managed.

What benefits are there for the employers?

Well, none to be honest, apart from the huge satisfaction of having built such a company from scratch and helping it to thrive and provide decent employment for decent people, even through difficult times. Email Mum’s owners will never be rich from this business model! We decided to create and run this business the way we do because we saw an opening to do something right and make a change in an undervalued industry. It isn’t the easiest way to run a business (especially compared to the agency model), and certainly not for the faint-hearted! But we believed that this way was the right way, to fully employ and insure staff and offer clients a tailor-made, personalised service with full protection for themselves and their home. We stuck with this through thick and thin, believing in theethos we’ve continually spent time, money and energy to make into reality, and now have one of the most popular managed housekeeping services in the area, employing good hard-working staff whom we value and respect.

So actually, yes, that’s definitely a benefit!