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June 27, 2020 Cleaning Tips COVID-19 Useful Articles 0
Will life ever be the same, even after we’ve all returned to work?

Here at Email Mum, we believe that this pandemic will change the way people think about
how we interact with others, and how things we took for granted before can have an adverse
effect on those around us.

There will be questions like:

  • How can I keep my home open but safe?
  • When I am out, how will I be safe?
  • How will work be affected; will my employer be taking any extra action to help us operate
    efficiently but safely?
  • As an employer, how will I keep my business running but also keep it safe and protected?

So with this in mind, we will be posting a series of what we think are relevant articles/videos
to help keep us all informed, and perhaps answer some of those important questions.
Keep well and stay safe!
Email Mum

Useful Artcle No.1
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