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Email Mum’s mission is to provide professional yet personalised housekeeping services without ever compromising on quality or values. We also offer our clients elements you may not find elsewhere, such as housekeeper exclusivity, comprehensive insurance cover and a fully managed service that our clients tell us they really love.


What makes us so different from other cleaning and agency services? With Email Mum, you enjoy:

  • A bespoke, personalised housekeeping service tailored to the individual
  • Your own exclusive, insured housekeeper*
  • Protection for your home through our comprehensive insurance policies
  • Protection for your home and health with use of eco-friendly cleaning products
  • Full management of staff and schedules by a professional, accessible team
  • Ethical, legal employment of all housekeepers
  • No hidden costs, advance payments or lengthy cancellation contract

We are not an agency. Email Mum’s managed service offers the benefits of employed, reliable staff that we take responsibility for. Our elite housekeepers are fully trained and insured, and adhere to a strict code of conduct and confidentiality for peace of mind for client and staff alike.

Why not join our growing number of satisfied clients enjoying Email Mum services?

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We look forward to taking care of you and your home.

*You’re still assured of uninterrupted service of the same high standard when your housekeeper takes a well-earned break; our cover staff, sent whenever possible and as agreed by you, are all part of our fully trained and protected elite team