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May 14, 2021 0


Here is  an interesting fact to kick off this series with. (Daily) anti-bacterial wipes only eradicate bacteria from kitchen surfaces for 20 minutes and using them to keep germs at bay is “an absolutely redundant” exercise, a scientist has said. Dr Clare Lanyon, a biomedical scientist from Northumbria University in Newcastle upon Tyne, said consumers…
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January 13, 2021 0

Email Mum Launch a new Service.

With advances in Bio Technology many new innovative products are being developed. A great example of this are InnuScience bio-technology based cleaning products that have become an essential part of the Email Mum housekeepers kit delivering heath and eco benefits and great results in the home. Antimicrobial coating was designed to inhibit the growth of…
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December 15, 2020 0


Will home cleaning change after the pandemic. Here at Email Mum, we believe that this pandemic will change the way people think about a home cleaning service. There will be questions like: • What can my service provider do help me keep my home virus free. • Are they aware of the right products to…
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June 27, 2020 0

Is it good practice to clean stainless steel with baby oil?

If you research the Internet on how to clean stainless steel appliances, there is a good chance you’ll find recommendations for the use of Baby Oil products. However, we have been advised by a respected oven cleaning company that this is actually not good practice. Why? Because the oil does not clean the appliance, it merely…
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November 25, 2019 0