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Hiring a cleaner or housekeeper.

Did you know that hiring your own cleaner/housekeeper isn’t always as straightforward as you might think?

When you pay someone to work directly for you, whether you consider them as your employees or not, you become their employer in the eyes of the law.  This brings its own financial and legal obligations. You then need to know employment laws so that you are not in danger of violating them.

Why are you responsible?

All workers have rights:

Protection from discrimination
Entitlement to minimum wage
Working time regulations (holidays, working hours)
Health and safety in the work place

You also have to consider whether they are legally allowed to work in your country, whether they have a good working history or even a criminal history, not to mention negotiation of wages and checking references and insurances.

Email Mum can take the hassle out of hiring a housekeeper direct and safeguard both you and your housekeeper.

We are not an agency; we are a managed company.  We interview and train all our housekeepers, check their references and ensure that they follow our strict code of conduct and confidentiality.  We also provide full insurance cover for our service. The same housekeeper is assigned to a client, instilling a sense of consistency and friendly rapport.  But cover will be provided in the event of holiday or sickness, so your service remains uninterrupted.

A managed service offers the benefits of employed, reliable staff that we take responsibility for.  The client has only to sit back and enjoy the service they deliver, without any legal obligation worries or the stress of not being insured if an accident should occur.