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Healthy cleaning that’s good for the environment

October 29, 2019 Uncategorized 0

In January this year, we became aware of a study that claimed regular use of cleaning sprays has an adverse impact on lung health comparable with smoking a packet of cigarettes every day.

The research followed more than 6000 people over a twenty year period, and found that women in particular suffered significant health problems after long-term use of these products.

So we decided that as a company who values its employees, we had to act. Jim contacted our cleaning supplier, who introduced us to an innovative range of products produced by the forward thinking company InnuScience. Over the last few years, InnuScience has established itself as a key leader in bio-technology based cleaning products.

But we needed to ensure that these products were up to the task of producing at least as good cleaning results as those we had been using. A particular concern was ‘would these products be able to prevent the build-up of limescale in a hard water area?’ We have tried eco-based products in the past, but unfortunately they failed to provide anything like the results we achieve with our current cleaning product range, and do not satisfy our clients. So though we wanted to make a change in this direction, we were naturally wary.

We asked our trainers to take the products out ‘into the field’ and test them. The results were universally impressive, thus we decided to move forward and switch our cleaning product supply to as much of the bio-technology environmentally friendly products as we could. We are so pleased to report that to date, we are able to use InnuScience products for 90% of our cleaning tasks, virtually eliminating harmful sprays in our clients’ homes and reducing the risk to our housekeepers’ health through their use.

The other great thing about making the change is that we have been able to significantly reduce the use of plastic. We were going through over two thousand plastic spray bottles a year, but with InnuScience, our team are able to mix a solution of cleaning products as and when needed in a re-useable dispenser. We therefore estimate that we will only use about 100 plastic bottles in the coming year, and we are hoping that we can find a way to recycle these, decreasing even further our company’s personal contribution to a global problem.

We hope you agree it’s been a great change for the company and in our own small way, the environment and health, too!

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