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Domestic cleaning insurance

Whether you`re planning a special event or just haven`t got enough time to tackle those greasy and grimy jobs yourself, hiring a domestic cleaning company can be a sensible choice.

However, hiring a company also requires trust as you will be letting people into your home that you may never have met before, and even the most reputable cleaner could cause some accidental damage to your property. As such, it is sensible to hire a company that has domestic cleaning insurance in place to ensure you`re covered against these common risks.

What is domestic cleaning insurance?

Though many home insurance policies include cover for accidental damage, this is often restricted to damage caused by those living in the property and not by third parties employed to work there. So to ensure you`re covered for any accidents that may occur, you should ask a cleaning service provider if it has insurance in place before you hire.

There are a number of elements to a domestic cleaning insurance policy. The first is public liability insurance, which protects the cleaner for claims from third parties as a result of loss or damage in the home. There may be exclusions within this policy (circumstances in which the company will not be covered) so check to see whether the company is insured against any damage caused by negligence and ask the firm to outline any policy exclusions.

Ensure that you know exactly what type of cleaning services the company is covered to provide, as policies may differ in terms of the protection they offer. For example, the policy may cover general house cleaning but may not incorporate carpet and upholstery cleaning, or cleaning of any electrical items or machinery unless specifically outlined.

Some of the features of a domestic cleaning insurance policy you may wish to look out for include:

  • Loss of customers` keys: Will the company cover the cost of replacement locks and keys if an employee loses your keys? – Damage to property being cleaned: Does the insurance cover damage to your property?
  • Temporary removal of goods: If property needs to be moved out of your home whilst cleaning takes place, is the company covered for any damage caused during the removal process?
  • Misuse of telephones: Will a company pay out if one its employees is found to have misused your home telephone?
  • Failure to secure premises: If an employee fails to secure your property and this leads to a burglary, will the company pay out for your losses?

The importance of hiring reputable cleaners

When deciding who to hire to clean your property, it is well worth factoring in all of the risk factors, including the level of insurance available.

With a reputable housekeeping company that ensures that it and its staff are fully insured, you have peace of mind in case things go wrong. Staff answerable to an employer may be more likely to take care of your property and to uphold the reputation of the business.

Agency workers will usually have some level of domestic cleaning insurance in place but they may not be insured for all circumstances, so ensure that you carry out a rigid check. Be particularly vigilant if you`re considering employing a “cash in hand” cleaner however, as they are unlikely to be insured at all.

What about home insurance?

Home insurance is unlikely to protect you from accidents involving domestic cleaners.  However, it`s still worth ensuring that you have a comprehensive policy in place to protect you against risks such as burglary. Consult your insurer about the terms and conditions of its policy and whether you have any protection for third parties who enter your home.

Also ensure that your contents insurance is up to date, with all items recently brought into your home accounted for in your policy.