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Email Mum in Saffron Walden

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About Saffron Walden

Known simply as Walden until the booming business of saffron grown in and around here gave the town its present prefix, this quaint market settlement has been in existence since ancient times, with its desirable position in the heart of rolling countryside. The name Walden means ‘valley of the Britons’, and there has been much evidence collected through the centuries of its original Bronze and Iron Age residents.

In the early medieval era, the 1st Earl of Essex, the infamous Geoffrey De Mandeville, built a castle here on the hill and founded a priory down in the valley, as well as setting up a prosperous market and fayre, and winning custom from the nearby village of Newport. The town went from strength to strength, its success built, like many East Anglian towns, on the wealth of the wool trade, and in Saffron Walden’s case, the growing of a certain expensive plant…

The priory gave way to the hall and estate of Sir Thomas Audley, Audley End, now an English Heritage property. As well as the house and grounds being open to the public, there is also a mini steam railway and picnic grounds across the road from the main gates, and Audley End now hosts annual open air concerts and plays in its park. The parish church of St Mary the Virgin is the largest in the county, its overall length being 183 feet, and the town itself has retained much of its wool trade charm in many original buildings, both domestic and commercial, dating back to those late medieval times. The town, boasting a population of over 15,000, has many amenities and a thriving shopping centre, with the emphasis on individual shops and antiques as well as the franchised retailers. And the Saffron Walden market is still as popular as when it was first introduced to this ancient town all those centuries ago.

Email Mum in Saffron Walden

Email Mum are proud that we are now able to offer a range of domestic services to the people of Saffron Walden. We have been providing our services, from housekeeping and home cleaning to deep domestic cleans, in the area for over 5 years.

Services offered

Housekeeping and home cleaning service – Our exclusive housekeeping and home cleaning service is the ideal solution to help maintain a clean and tidy home. It’s a flexible service that is tailor-made to your individual requirements and is suitable for apartment, house and flat. With Email Mum, you always get your own personal housekeeper.

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