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Email Mum in Littlebury

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About Littlebury

Situated 2 miles north-west of Saffron Walden, Littlebury owes its eastern boundary to the River Cam. The village has ancient beginnings, having been an Iron Age settlement. Archaeological finds include a gold Catuvellaunian coin dated circa 50BC. The earliest discovered reference to Littlebury occurs in the late 10th Century, where the village is known as ‘Lytlan Byrig’. The manor was transferred to the bishopric of Ely in 1109.

Littlebury still retains a lot of its history today. The parish has 52 listed buildings and the village centre is itself a conservation area. The Holy Trinity Church is mentioned as far back as the 1160s, though it did have considerable alteration work done in 1870-74.

Email Mum in Littlebury

Email Mum are proud to be able to offer a range of domestic services to the people in Littlebury. We have been providing our services, from housekeeping and home cleaning to deep domestic cleans, in the area for over 5 years.

Services offered

Housekeeping and home cleaning service – Our exclusive housekeeping and home cleaning service is the ideal solution to help maintain a clean and tidy home. It’s a flexible service that is tailor-made to your individual requirements and is suitable for apartment, house and flat. With Email Mum, you always get your own personal housekeeper.

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