Why “Mums” make great employees

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We received a newsletter this morning from an employment website with a link to a great feature titled “Why Mums Make Great Employees”.  It’s a great article highlighting the valuable contribution that working mums can make to an organisation, and it is so refreshing to see the skills of working mums being promoted in this way.

Wendy set up Email Mum ten years ago when she realised that there were not enough companies  providing flexible working opportunities that would allow the working mum to fit their job around the demands of running a busy household.  She realised that for many mums, the ideal working day would be between 9.30am to 3pm when the kids were at school, not necessarily  5 days a week (that would depend on “Mum” and her other commitments).  Weekend working was out, that’s family time.   It was also important for the employer to understand that for the working mum,  their children must come first.  If the child is ill then it may be that their Mum needs to take a day off.  This should be allowed without any recrimination.  Also, events like school sports days and the Christmas play that many parents feel must be attended should be considered in the same way.

So we put these requirements at the heart of our recruitment policy; in fact, this came about before we decided on the services that Email Mum would offer.  Even our name was born out of the vision of flexible employment for mums.

For us, our vision has worked beyond our wildest dreams.  We now have a 30-strong team of great people who are fully committed to deliver a first class service to our clients.  They are not all parents, as our employment model suits many people, but they are all “Email Mums” and among the best profesional housekeepers in the industry.

Here is the Link to the article