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If you were to ask people what’s high on their ‘desirables’ list when seeking new or better employment, you might think that salary and benefits would come out on top. But you would be surprised.

Surveys have shown that increasingly, people look first for responsible companies with good ethics and a fair and friendly working environment before they consider what’s going in their wage packets, even in a period of recession. This may be due to the reported link between stress and ill-health, of which work-related stress is a common factor. But perhaps it’s that overriding need to find contentment that pushes monetary concerns mid-list.

So if you’re looking for a new job or a change of career, it may be worth considering the following factors:

  1. Company Culture – are your potential employer’s values and attitude something you respect and want to contribute to?
  2. Work/Life Balance – does the job on offer meet your current needs and appeal to you without impeding too much on home life?
  3. Relationships – does the work environment suit your personality, make you feel comfortable in your role?
  4. Content – is the type of work the position offers challenging, satisfying or varying enough to keep you interested and give you job satisfaction at the end of the day?

And of course…

  1. Remuneration – is the salary package adequate or generous for the job on offer?

Here at Email Mum, our staff constantly tell us – in their own words and by way of their performance – that we’re meeting the above requirements. This is extremely important to us, as our company was created to provide just such an environment for decent, hard-working individuals. And it’s also important to remember, for both company and staff, that the best employee is a happy one!

For more details on our company values and attitude to staff, or to learn more about becoming an elite Email Mum member yourself, take a look at some of our other articles or visit our website at www.emailmum.com.