Household Cleaning – Hints & Tips Alternative Cleaning Agents: Vinegar

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In our time running Email Mum housekeeping services, we’ve come across many a mark and stain!  And in our experience, it’s not always the trade or high street cleaning products that produce the best results.
Vinegar, for example, has some great uses in your home, other than just making your fish and chips much tastier!  Below, we share some of these with you.

For cleaner chopping boards: Simply soak a cloth with vinegar, clean the board surface then wash as normal.  The vinegar disinfects the surface.
Within the microwave: To eliminate food stains and cooking smells, fill a microwaveable bowl about halfway with water, add several drops of vinegar and then heat it up until it’s boiling.  Remove the bowl at this stage and wipe the interior.  Your microwave will now be sparkling clean.
To de-stain a mug: We all have the problem of coffee and tea leaving ugly brown stains on the inside of mugs over time.  To remove, splash a generous drizzle of vinegar into the mug or cup, fill it up with hot water and then leave to soak for about an hour and wash as usual.  The stains will have vanished!

A word of warning – some tip sheets suggest total substitution of cleaning products for vinegar.  But in our experience, cleaning products will work just as well, if not better in some cases, and you do not have the odor problems that using vinegar can cause.  However, in the interests of fairness, here are a few of those tips, with a little Email Mum touch, for you to consider.

Cleaning windows with vinegar: Mix together equal parts of vinegar and water, apply to a cloth and wipe away the window dirt.  You could also add a drop of vanilla extract to mask the vinegar smell.
 Cleaning away bathroom mould: Use a water-vinegar solution or for stubborn stains, undiluted vinegar, to remove mould and mildew.  You will get mixed results with this one, depending on how bad the mould and mildew is.
  Removal of limescale: Apply neat, undiluted vinegar to the limescale area.  As above, this can be effective but it all depends on how ingrained the limescale is.