Elite, Skilled Workers Deserve Respect

We are not ‘just cleaners’ – we are skilled, hard-working housekeepers!”

One of the things we find so frustrating at Email Mum is the stigma that some people seem to attach to domestic house cleaning as a job. Why this is, we are not quite sure. Maybe the cleaning industry has to take some responsibility for this attitude. In particular, some contract cleaning companies, who seem to treat their staff with a total lack of respect, relying on hostile management practices, poor pay and conditions and a high turnover of staff to keep their services going. This leads to a general view of the industry as one where only lesser skilled, low paid individuals need apply.

The reality for Email Mum housekeepers is so very different! Highly respected by their clients and colleagues, being recognised for the professional job they do, being allowed and trusted to carry out their role with minimum supervision and receiving positive feedback for a job well done makes every one of our elite housekeepers feel valued and empowered. Once our staff find us, they stay with us, often giving up other positions in order to work solely with us and take care of more properties and clients. It’s a wonderful balance of mutual respect, honest work and great service delivery, where everybody is happy.

The reason for this is startlingly simple and yet, so often overlooked by many companies in this and other industries. We believe that work can – and should – be a positive experience. This is easily achieved, by:

  • giving hard-working people the respect and value they deserve
  • guiding and encouraging staff in their role, especially in overcoming any issues or problems they might encounter
  • rewarding employees accordingly for their skills, dedication and service delivery
  • ensuring that everyone understands the importance of their role in the company, no matter how small it may seem

This is the culture that we create and cherish at Email Mum, and something our staff members respond so well to, helping us maintain our high standing within the housekeeping industry. And despite the generalised stigma, these staff members are highly professional, trustworthy, skilled individuals, cherished by their clients and the company they work for. And isn’t that what every employee strives to achieve, no matter what industry they are in?