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On Demand Service Providers in the Domestic Housekeeping Sector

I recently came across an article in the Guardian about working in the On Demand economy. For those who are not aware, the On Demand economy is defined as ‘the economic activity created by digital marketplaces that fulfil consumer demand via immediate access to and convenient provisioning of goods and services’. A good example of this is Uber, the Taxi firm. Users download an app to their smartphone or tablet which they can then use to hire a cab. You can now get an app for many such On Demand services and on the surface, it seems like a great idea for our modern, hi-tech instant access lives. However, as the article suggests, this service model does have its issues, particularly in the domestic housekeeping and cleaning sector. Continue reading


An Interview with Email Mum creators, Jim and Wendy Woolfe

As the majority of our adult lives are spent working, it’s no wonder that finding – and keeping – the right job is so important to us. Studies have repeatedly shown that not only is work-related stress one of the highest reasons for absence, but that long-term stress and anxiety can have a detrimental effect on our physical and mental wellbeing.

Some years ago, Email Mum’s directors Jim and Wendy Woolfe set out to create a company that would provide people with an environment that eliminated as much work-related stress as possible.

Today, we look more closely at the vision behind the successful housekeeping company, and why Jim and Wendy believe that their more staff-orientated approach works so well in a modern commercially-driven world. Continue reading

Why Training is Just As Important in Housekeeping as in Other Industries

A common misconception in this industry is that domestic cleaning is easy and almost anyone can do it. After all, most of us clean and tidy our own homes and manage to do a pretty good job, don’t we? However, there are a number of key factors that professional housekeeping services employ that sets them – and therefore the professional housekeeper – apart from the rest of us. Continue reading

Private and agency cleaners have no recognised health and safety training, or correct insurance. Should our industry be concerned about this?

Every job has its risks, and home cleaning is no different. Where the divergence comes is in the form of the industry workers themselves, and what risks those working alone or as agency contractors are running on a regular basis.

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Elite, Skilled Workers Deserve Respect

We are not ‘just cleaners’ – we are skilled, hard-working housekeepers!”

One of the things we find so frustrating at Email Mum is the stigma that some people seem to attach to domestic house cleaning as a job. Why this is, we are not quite sure. Maybe the cleaning industry has to take some responsibility for this attitude. In particular, some contract cleaning companies, who seem to treat their staff with a total lack of respect, relying on hostile management practices, poor pay and conditions and a high turnover of staff to keep their services going. This leads to a general view of the industry as one where only lesser skilled, low paid individuals need apply.

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